Abuse of Elders and People with Disabilities at Brightspring Health Services Group Homes, Owned by KKR

McCune Law Group, (MLG) is investigating the need to bring legal action against KKR over the allegedly abysmal living conditions and abuse at BrightSpring Health Services group homes across the country. As a group home that serves elders and people with severe disabilities that prevent them from caring for themselves and living independently, KKR has entered into contracts that require them to provide a clean, safe, and satisfactory place to live for its residents. Unfortunately, reports claim KKR has not taken their duty seriously, resulting in continuing horrific conditions and alleged abuse.

Complaints Allege Horrible Conditions and Abuse at Brightspring Health Services Group Homes

BrightSpring purports to provide a safe home for individuals with severe disabilities that are entirely unable to care for themselves. Many patients require care 24 hours a day and are unable to perform basic functions like using the bathroom, getting dressed, or even getting out of bed.

In 2019, KKR purchased BrightSpring Health Services for $1.3 billion. Thereafter, according to an investigation by Buzzfeed News, living conditions significantly worsened because of cost cutting measures which were so severe that providing appropriate care to residents became virtually impossible.  In fact, according to this BuzzFeed News analysis, though KKR owned a mere 16% of the group homes in the seven states analyzed, these locations were responsible for 40% of the serious state citations issued to care facilities. In July 2020, conditions were allegedly so dire at West Virginia’s BrightSpring homes that the state banned the facilities from accepting new residents.

If your loved one has suffered from a lack of appropriate care or abuse while in one of the BrightSpring homes anywhere in the country, contact us today by completing the form to learn more about your legal rights.

Residents Are Allegedly Suffering from Lack of Care

Patients’ families and ex-employees of BrightSpring allege that facilities all over the country cut caregiver pay to far less than competing facilities, resulting in a mass exodus of staff. This lack of adequate staffing meant residents were left without proper care. Reports claim BrightSpring homes residents suffered overt abuse, missed important or life-saving medication doses, were allowed access to dangerous items without supervision, and were actively denied medical care for broken bones and even poisoning. Allegedly, this abandonment and lack of care proved fatal in some cases.

If your loved one is a resident at one of the BrightSpring group homes nationwide and has received poor or no adequate care or was a victim of abuse, you could be eligible for legal recourse. Contact us today by completing the form.

KKR Allegedly Shows Little Remorse

KKR has a concerning track record of purchasing companies, only to drive them into the ground by stripping companies of their assets and walking away with the profits. In fact, this private equity firm, or corporate raider as they have been called is responsible for the looting and death of many U.S. corporate icons, including RJR Nabisco and Toys “R” Us. Upon closing the deal to buyout BrightSpring, the firm took out $1.1 billion in loans by putting BrightSpring’s assets up as collateral, leaving BrightSpring saddled with $135 million in new interest payments and garnering millions in fees for KKR.

 As a caregiving company that was already struggling before the buyout, these added overhead costs allegedly further drove down caregiver wages and caused worsening conditions in the homes nationwide. Despite the allegedly catastrophic living conditions at BrightSpring homes, KKR continues to move further into the healthcare and caregiving industry by purchasing Emergency room departments, nursing homes, and other necessary healthcare services that depend on adequate care to ensure their patients remain healthy and safe.

If your loved one lives in a BrightSpring facility, and has suffered inadequate care, or suffered abuse as a resident, you could have legal options. Contact us by filling out the form today to learn more!

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