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United Healthcare Copay Overcharging – Class Action Investigation

McCune Wright Arevalo, LLP is investigating a potential class action lawsuit against United Healthcare. United Healthcare, through its subsidiary OptumRx, requires pharmacies to charge copays when its insureds fill their prescriptions. A copay is an arrangement where the consumer pays part of a prescription drug cost and the insurance company pays part of the cost. It has been alleged that the copay Optum charges for prescription drugs often exceeds the cost of the drug, which results in the customer paying the pharmacy for the full cost of the medicine and then also paying United additional sums simply for being insured. For example, it has been reported that Optum required a pharmacist to charge a customer a $50 copay for acne medication when the actual cost of the medication was only $11.65. Optum then required the pharmacy to send the additional $38.35 back to Optum. In such a situation, the additional $38.35 is not authorized under the insurance agreement and was wrongfully collected.

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