McCuneWright files National Class Action against Maker of Turbo Tax for Inadequate Consumer Safety Measures

On April 20, 2015, McCuneWright, LLP, together with other prominent law firms filed a national class action complaint against Intuit, Inc., the maker of the popular TurboTax software that electronically filed an estimated 29 million tax returns in 2014. The lawsuit alleges that cybercriminals used TurboTax to file fraudulent tax returns on behalf of Plaintiffs and that Intuit facilitated the filing of these and thousands of other fraudulent tax returns by failing to take necessary precautions in safeguarding its customers’ most personal and sensitive information, and by failing to implement commercially reasonable security measures to prevent cybercriminals and fraudsters from filing fraudulent tax returns using stolen identities. Plaintiffs allege that Intuit’s conduct violates California law and seek damages on behalf of the Class members who have suffered losses from Intuit’s conduct. The lawsuit also seeks a court order requiring Intuit to implement stricter cyber security measures to adequately safeguard its customers’ most sensitive personal and financial data in the future.

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Richard McCune interview on the Legal Broadcast Network regarding the class action against Turbo Tax Maker.
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