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Apple iPhone Slow Down – Class Action Investigation

McCune Wright Arevalo is currently investigating a class action lawsuit against Apple for secretly slowing down iPhones, in response to an independent lab report showing certain iPhones slowed and performance decreased as they aged.

Apple admitted that starting with the iOS 10.2.1 software update, it intentionally slowed down the device.

This software slowdown affects iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone SE, and will affect iPhone 7 with its iOS 11.2 software update.

If you purchased an iPhone, 6, 6s, SE or 7 and have downloaded the iOS 10.2.1 or 11.2, please fill out the survey.

McCune Wright Arevalo LLP is a leading national class action law firm that advances the interests of its clients by recovering the money they have lost, and obtaining the relief to which they are entitled. The lawyers at McCune Wright Arevalo LLP have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of institutional, individual and business clients, and have earned their reputation as skilled and aggressive veteran litigators.

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