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McCune Wright Arevalo, LLP files class action in Michigan relating to GM misstating the MPG on its 2016 Chevrolet Traverse, GMC Acadia and Buick Enclave

McCune Wright Arevalo, LLP led the litigation that forced Hyundai to admit that they cheated on the EPA miles-per-gallon testing of their vehicles. The litigation against Hyundai resulted in a settlement of over $200 million. (CDCA: 2:13-ml-02424)

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“In light of the very public revelations of admitted inflated EPA mileage with Hyundai, Kia and Ford over the last several years, we are skeptical on how GM could make a “mistake” on the stated fuel mileage. We look forward to conducting discovery to determine how this overinflated fuel mileage occurred, and to properly compensate GM customers for receiveing a vehicle that did not get its stated fuel mileage,” said Richard McCune of McCune Wright Arevalo, LLP .

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GM Hit With Suit Over ‘Fudged’ Fuel Economy Ratings, by Kat Greene, Law360 Published: May 17, 2016

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Q: What is the goal of the lawsuit?

A: McCune Wright Arevalo, LLP is seeking to recover all available damages under the law at this time, including the loss in value of the vehicle and any damages if evidence of fraud is uncovered. We are still in the early stages of the case and the damages available will not be ascertained with any specificity until after we have the opportunity to engage in discovery and review GM’s internal documents and files.

Q: Should I accept the debit card offer from GM?

A: McCune Wright Arevalo, LLP is recommending that you do not accept the debit cards that GM has offered owners and lessees of these vehicles, as the debit cards only compensate you for the difference in gas mileage over a certain number of years and do not include compensation for loss in value or any fraud related damages. The decision, however, is ultimately yours to make. For additional information, please visit “McCune Wright Arevalo, LLP Response to GM’s Partial Reimbursement Offer.”

Q: How long will the lawsuit take?

A: Litigation in cases of this nature will generally last anywhere from a minimum of several months up to several years. The time it takes to resolve a class action case is largely dictated by the defendant, who can delay cases in an attempt to discourage plaintiffs from holding them accountable.

Q: Do I have to maintain possession of the vehicle?

A: Our goal in this lawsuit is to obtain coverage for all current or former owners and lessees of these vehicles, so no, you would not need to maintain possession of the vehicle for the duration of the lawsuit.