General Complex Litigation

McCune Wright Arevalo LLP practice is concentrated in the representation of plaintiffs in complex litigation. Its four main practice areas are consumer fraud class actions, catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death cases, contingency commercial litigation, and general complex litigation. While there are significant differences in the financial, physical, and emotional trauma clients in these varying practice areas experience, there is one critical common thread: justice must be restored.

McCune Wright Arevalo LLP aggressively represents its clients by using all ethical means available to hold the responsible parties accountable for all losses and damages incurred. It is through this unwavering dedication that McCune Wright Arevalo LLP brings its commitment into real world practice, by “Restoring Hope Through Justice.”

How Does General Complex Litigation Affect My Business?

Every type of business eventually runs into a more complex legal problem that must be resolved, and with the least financial damage possible. At McCune Wright Arevalo LLP, LLP, our litigation team has impressive legal skills to bring to the table in a range of matters. Whether your legal issue is related to regulatory matters, procedural matters, or other problem, our breadth of knowledge and experience in the most complex cases can benefit you and your business. Whether your case goes to trial, is handled in mediation, or resolved through other legal means, we work intelligently, strategically, and prepare every case as if for trial, which typically leads to a more favorable outcome.

  • Wrongful termination actions
  • Environmental violations
  • Data breach violations
  • Whistleblower actions
  • Securities class action

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