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McCune Wright Arevalo, LLP is currently investigating Essure, a type of permanent birth control, for causing injuries, unwanted pregnancy, and even death.

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Have you experienced an injury from your Essure birth control device? We are looking to speak with anyone who has experienced a failure of the Essure birth control product or any other medical side effects from using Essure.

Essure Safety Brings Forth Serious Medical Concerns for Women

Essure, manufactured by Bayer, is a form of birth control where two metal coils are inserted into a woman’s fallopian tubes to permanently prevent pregnancy. A process occurs whereby tissue develops around the coils, eventually preventing a pregnancy from occurring.

Essure has been marketed since 2002 as an alternative to tubal ligation and a non-hormonal, non-surgical form of permanent birth control. However, since 2002, thousands of women have complained of injuries from Essure, including migration of the device, perforation of the fallopian tubes, pain, bleeding, autoimminue disorders, unwanted pregnancy and/or miscarriage. In addition to reports of injuries, at least 303 unwanted pregnancies have been reported by women using Essure as their primary birth control method. Some of these unwanted pregnancies have resulted in the death of the infant or the mother.

It is believed that proper testing was not performed on Essure at the time that Bayer received FDA approval to market and sell the device. Many feel that Bayer misled people into believing that Essure is a safe and effective method of birth control. McCune Wright Arevalo, LLP wants to help anyone who is using Essure and is concerned about their safety or has suffered from any of these injuries. Contact us today to talk to an attorney free of charge.

Essure May Also Cause Other Safety Concerns

Some women currently using Essure may fear injuries or unwanted pregnancies and may want the device removed from their body. McCune Wright Arevalo, LLP can assist those women in filing an action demanding that Bayer reimburse women for the cost of the implantation and removal of the Essure device, as well as any medical monitoring or tests that are needed while the Essure device is still implanted or after it is removed.

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The Battle Over Essure:

Some call this contraceptive a breakthrough for women. Others say it’s dangerous.

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