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CPVC Piping Defect Lawsuit

McCune Wright Arevalo, LLP is investigating a lawsuit on behalf of property owners whose property contains fire sprinkler systems with CPVC (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride) pipes. It is alleged that CPVC pipes are incompatible with many basic construction products and unsuitable for use in fire sprinkler systems. The resin used in the CPVC pipe may break down when exposed to common construction materials like antimicrobial or anticorrosion chemicals, pesticides, termaticides, joint compounds, cutting oils, fire retardation materials and other products.

The metal pipes that are joined to the CPVC pipes usually contain these antimicrobials and anticorrosion chemicals. The corrosion and breakdown of the pipes causes leaks, cracks and blow-outs in CPVC sprinkler systems, depressurizing and making the systems unavailable for fire suppression, which may result in the personal injuries and property damage. Buildings that were constructed between 2005-2009 are primarily at risk, particularly if they used a hybrid system of CPVC and metal pipes containing the antimicrobial/corrosion chemicals. If you are a property owner whose property contains a fire sprinkler system with CPVC pipes that was manufactured or sold by one of the below companies, please contact us.


  • Allied Tube & Conduit Corp
  • Tyco International PLC
  • Tyco Fire Products LP
  • Lubrizol Advanced Materials
  • The Viking Corp. of Michigan
  • Victaulic Company
  • Georg Fischel Harvel
  • NIBCO Inc
  • Spears Manufacturing Co
  • Atkore International Inc
  • HD Supply Watermarks Group
  • HD Supply Watermarks Ltd

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