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California Wildfire Lawsuits

McCune Wright Arevalo, LLP is investigating lawsuits on behalf of individuals or businesses that have sustained damages or personal injuries as the result of a California wildfire. In California, utility companies have easements across properties to install and maintain equipment and lines that deliver power. These utility companies are required to maintain their lines and equipment in a safe manner to prevent property damage and personal injury. To avoid starting wildfires utility companies must remove trees that may fall onto power lines, clear brush and vegetation near electric lines and gas pipes, coat poles with fireproof materials, separate power transmission lines and prevent employees from smoking on the job.

If utility companies fail to take these precautions and a fire occurs, individuals and businesses who have suffered losses may file a lawsuit to recover damages to their property or for personal injuries they sustained. Property damage may include: home and/or adjacent structures, personal property, business structure, agricultural property and products, business or agricultural income

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