The Importance of Written Advocacy

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Written advocacy is one of the most important tools in an attorney’s toolbelt. Although oral advocacy often overshadows written advocacy, is still an important role when it comes to representing a client’s best interests both in and out of court. Constructing an argument that is methodical, well structured, and well organized can be an effective means to persuade a judge or audience. In a court room, written arguments often present before oral arguments in civil matters or appeals. So, there is a benefit to ensuring a firm’s written advocacy skills are up to snuff.

What is Written Advocacy?

Written advocacy, just like oral advocacy, is a means to persuade others. However, in a legal setting, written advocacy is not only confined to submissions. The way cases present in documents like pleadings, affidavits, and statements are equally important toward building a strong written case. For any piece of writing that aims to be persuasive, it needs to follow general rules. These rules, according to LinkedIn, include:

  • The document should have good structure
  • The ideas should be clearly expressed
  • Make efficient use of language

When using these rules in a document, the reader will enjoy a more organized and logical progression of information. In short, it’s easier to follow, hook, and hold the reader. Written advocacy can be a powerful tool when documents have thoughtful structure and have the reader in mind.

Why is it Important?

Writing often taps into a different set of skills than oration. One may be a great speaker but not a great writer and vice versa. Therefore, it stands to reason than an excellent oral litigator may still need assistance with their written skills.

Written advocacy is a skill-based discipline. Effective, compelling writing only comes with hours of practice and numerous drafts. A well written document will clearly convey all the points, arguments, and ideas you are trying to make. It can also be an effective way to give context, details, and other forms of information. Good writing has the potential to expose any strengths or weaknesses of an argument in court, making excellent writing skills a must for any law firm or independent attorney.

McCune Law Group Leads the Way in Written Advocacy

The influence of the written word in the legal realm is extremely important. In the post-pandemic world, courtrooms are being flooded with hearings that have been postponed for years. Resulting in judges relying on briefs to educate them quickly on cases. Since MLG’s founding in 2007, our team of attorneys has excelled in written advocacy. Our attorneys have briefed and argued cases at every level from the United States Supreme Court to the local county courthouse, resulting in a strong reputation for clear, concise, and powerful writing with the results to prove it. Our attorneys are available to provide co-counsel for attorneys and firms seeking the most impactful written advocates.

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